Maven or Connector?

During a meeting I attended today a reference was made to someone being a maven. A quick explanation reminded me of Malcolm Gladwell’s use of the term in “The Tipping Point”. You can check out the reference in Wikipedia for further explanation.

I’ve always had a bit of a tendency to seek out information (to the extreme) about my current passion, with a strong desire to share with others. Early in my life this would have involved music, needle arts or painting and then with the introduction of really cool technology my interests changed. But the best part has always been the sharing. Gladwell suggests that when mavens meet “connectors”, things really start to happen. Ah, the conflict for me. Am I a connector? Or am I a Maven? What are you and how can you use your influence for good? How can we identify the mavens and connectors in our community, to drive positive change, to find our “Tipping Point”?

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  • Jeanne Best 14 years ago Reply

    Hi Susan,

    I read this last night and it still has me thinking.


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