I Just Don’t Have Time! Not to…

I attended a Social Networking workshop this morning, coordinated by the Small Business Development Center and the Northwest Commission.  There were about 25 attendees and their experience ranged from beginner to very experienced.  OK, I admit that I count myself the latter. Even at that the amount of information exchanges was overwhelming.  I left the workshop with two pages of notes and a list of new contacts to follow up with.  So when I here people say they just don’t have time for Twittering and Facebook, Linked In and YouTube I have to respond that I just don’t have time to wait and then try to catch up later.  As today’s presenter reminded us, building your networks for ROI will take some time.  So what’s keeping you from getting started?


  • Mary Kurek 13 years ago Reply

    As a Professional Networker (I get paid to make connections for clients) I can tell you that I use Twitter and Linkedin non-stop for business. When real estate agents tell me they don’t have time for the “Twitter” nonsense or a boutique owner looks at me like I’m speaking Chinese when talking about social media, I just look at them and shake my head. For the most part, people who say they don’t have time for it, don’t “get it.” They think it’s too techno for them to learn or that it’s a flash in the pan. If you are one of those peeps, think again. Listen to your Chamber of Commerce. Venango is right on target here. I’m a former Chamber of Commerce Exec who has worked with countless small and large businesses on developing strong networks that = gains, I can tell you with all certainty – you are being left out if you aren’t “in.” Step up to the new way of marketing and communicating. Need convincing – check this out:

  • Carol Smith 13 years ago Reply

    As a transplant in this area, I rely Twitter to 1) make business contacts, 2) keep me updated on what’s going on in the community and surrounding area, and 3) tell the area of new products and services where I work. Twitter is FAST, efficient and takes less time than emails and costs a LOT less than standard marketing.

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