How to Join

In order to be a “Member in Good Standing,” we ask young professionals to complete an application and pay a one-time membership fee of $15.

By joining FLEX membership, you will be able to vote at any meeting, serve a leadership position, and receive benefits, such as discounts at events. After completing the application, you will receive a welcome packet with an official FLEX name tag and materials to help you learn more about FLEX and get involved!

Any young professionals (40 and under) living and/or working in the Venango Area may join, no matter your profession (see graphic below). You do NOT have to be a paying FLEX member to attend an event or meeting. We welcome you to attend events and meetings to learn more about the group before deciding on membership!

You can join membership at any upcoming event or online.


*Young professionals who represent a business that is not a member of the Chamber are welcomed, but will not receive the business promotion that comes with Chamber membership.