Business Tip of the Month: Role of Leadership in Business Success

Leadership development is an ongoing process for all of us. Encouraging employees to develop themselves as leaders, along with doing so ourselves, can make an incredible impact on the success of our businesses. Check out a couple benefits of such development below:

Participating in leadership development helps us learn more about ourselves and others and the reasons why we do what we do. Getting to know ourselves and our style of leadership can help us better communicate and be more understanding of the unique approaches our fellow leaders take. Part of this communication is leading by example. We can communicate a great deal in the way we lead, and the way we conduct ourselves can have a direct impact on how those around us conduct themselves.

Developing leadership within our teams can help our employees be more productive and reduce the likelihood of burnout. Helping employees get to know themselves can help them develop relationships with one another that allow them to feel comfortable sharing their stresses, weaknesses, and strengths, so that concerns can be addressed and employees can in turn be more productive with their time, as they help one another.

Leadership Venango
If you are looking to develop leadership skills in yourself or one of your employees, be sure to check out our Leadership Venango program. Leadership Venango is a nine-month program designed to identify, educate, involve and motivate individuals who desire to become more effective leaders. Registration is now open for the Class of 2024.

Consider how you can develop leaders in your business today!

This can make an incredible difference in communication, productivity, and so many other important areas for your team.

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s May 2023 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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