Three Network Connections You Can Dump Right Now

By Kurtis Bell

So you’ve spent years building your network and by now have cultivated a sizable group on which you can call on for referrals, reviews, or advice. In a perfect world, all our connections would be power players; valuable “can’t do without” type of network connections. Unfortunately, that is never the case, so here is my guide on when to make your way to the exit and deploy the ol parachute.

One connection you can distance yourself from instantly is the narcissistic, egocentric network connection. This is an easy one to pick out because this connection will always be the first to let you know it is all about them, all the time.

The second connection you can let go is the connection who never passes referrals or makes introductions. Not saying that you have to keep score in a little notebook you carry at all times, but valuable connections will help you out from time to time.

The last type of connection you can burn is the connection who does not know when to stop selling. This connection will be relentless in his or her pursuit to sell you on a product, thought process, or idea.Network Networth

You may have noticed a common connection in all three types of connections you need to ditch. All three types forego the cornerstones of networking; be selfless, be a great connector, and focus on making a genuine connection rather than a one time sale. With the end of yet another year rapidly approaching, it may be time for you to reflect on your network and see if it needs some trimming. Remember what Porter Gale says: “Your network is your net worth.”

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