Schools & Industry Partnership Group Seeks Additional Industry Partners

RTI3 - CopyThe purpose of this group is to foster a relationship between schools and industries while developing programs to focus on missing soft skills and to build a pipeline of students (i.e., applicants) for future vocational positions (Assembler, Machinist, Maintenance, Welder, etc.) in Venango County.

The Schools & Industry Partnership Group meets three times a school year (fall, winter & spring) to discuss the needs of the school districts and how local employers can get involved. The employers’ participation helps to reinforce common policies that carry through from high school into the work place. Examples of such policies include the importance of attendance and the importance of being drug free. And at the same time, the employers are working with school personnel to improve student career and soft skills. Employers represented in this group are able to share with students (and parents) that there are great jobs (and good companies) right here in Venango County.

Specifically, during school year 2016-2017, employers participated in mock interviews, assembly presentations, career days, open houses, student job shadows, plant tours for guidance counselors, and perfect attendance awards for students at two local schools.

In 2018, the employers in the Schools & Industry Partnership group are looking to continue these events as well as incorporate an end-of-the-year student perfect attendance award with all the schools. Employers & School Personnel, there are currently 39 individuals (including 11 employers) committed to growing this partnership between the local schools and the employers in Venango County. If you haven’t been participating in the Schools & Industry Partnership Group but you have interest in doing so, please contact: Jaci D’Amico or Janet Stewart

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