High Above 80 Band Makes Personell and Format Changes for 2023

High Above 80 entered 2023 with some major changes to their stage and show format lineup. As of April, the band welcomed Morrighan Lee from Crawford County, to the lead vocal slot. They also created a new position – adding lead guitarist and sound operator Rick Miller from Youngstown, OH to the team.

“We went to considerable lengths to find the right fit for both positions,” according to guitarist/vocalist Aaron Bolinger. “In the case of Rick, we wanted a second solid guitarist, to enable adding many songs to our collection that are only viable when there are two well-matched guitar players. But we also want to be more self-contained, without requiring outside sound operators for our shows at bigger venues. Morrighan and Rick check all the boxes,” he said.

“Another of our goals has been to deepen our collection of both contemporary songs, and mini-tributes to enormously-popular major bands,” says Aaron. “Morrighan grew up with post-2000 era music, and we plan to put a lot more of that into our 2023 song line up. We do things for all generations when we crank it up to 11,” he said.

The High Above 80 family includes “Champagne Rain” (acoustic duo), “The Core” (power trio), and High Above 80 (full band). They work a 90 mile radius around their Venango County home base. For calendar openings and engagement information, contact Mike Lotz of Great Lakes Entertainment at (814) 392-3134

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s April 2023 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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