A Global Manager’s Thoughts on Networking

by Kurtis Bell, ServiceMaster by Bell

What-is-networkingMany of us focus on networking at after hour events, happy hours, or expos; but one place we may be overlooking is within our own organizations. In a recent conversation with Chamber Board member Alan McBride, we discussed this very topic. While networking locally can be very helpful in connection you with like minded people and organizations, networking within your organization can open up a variety of opportunities you might not ever consider.

Locally, networking might open you up to contributing to an organization via membership or even a role in leadership. Non-profits rely on dedicated groups of volunteers to make things happen. Your involvement in such a group could even help increase your visibility and build depth and breadth in your network. I have experienced this first hand and can attest to the quality and quantity of great connections I have made through volunteering with non-profits.

One venue for networking that many do not often consider is networking within your own organization or company. Within your organization, networking can provide a great opportunity to connect with others in similar situations who could help you or be helped by you. This connection is often mutually beneficial and can lead to future cooperative efforts as well.

In talking with Alan, he summed this all up very well. I’ll close this month with his thoughts on networking.

“Networking opportunities can include ways to develop both on a personal and professional basis. By connecting with someone else, you can gain a better understanding of how that person can help you grow, develop and learn new skillsets. Networking within your own company and locally can not only help support your own development, but you can help others develop to an event greater extent as well. “

This article was published in the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce’s October 2018 edition of the VenangoWorks! Newsletter.


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