Cranberry Area School District Named 2023 Partner of the Year

The Venango Chamber will recognize the Cranberry Area School District as the Partner in Business of the Year for 2023.

Under the guidance of Superintendent Bill Vonada (pictured right), the School District has consistently embraced the business community, equipping students with the skills needed for successful futures in continued education and the workforce.

Since the introduction of VenangoREADY, teachers and guidance counselors have enthusiastically embraced the program, reinforcing the essential skills sought by employers and working closely with students to showcase their proficiency in meeting these requirements. Business representatives are actively involved in the school, contributing to classroom presentations, conducting mock interviews, and collaborating on school projects.

Cranberry students actively engage in community volunteering, fulfilling the mission of the National Honor Society program. By participating in community events, they gain valuable experience by working alongside business and community members.

The School District has made significant investments in their campus, not only ensuring the safety of their students but also providing conveniences for the community. The athletic fields are bustling with school activities and are open to visitors who wish to utilize the track for walking. The school buildings serve as venues for hosting community events, including those by UPMC and other organizations.

Collaboration with neighboring school districts on athletic programs, travel, and the arts is a testament to the Cranberry Area School District’s commitment to offering their students aspirational, as well as academic opportunities. This commitment is reflected in the number of graduates who go on to pursue higher education, even at prestigious Ivy League schools.

The district’s students consistently receive recognition in the trades, as demonstrated by a recent Cranberry student who won a gold medal in a national welding competition. Students who choose to enter the workforce immediately are well-prepared due to the inclusive work readiness programs offered.

Bill and his staff maintain strong ties with the business community, actively participating in committees and fostering student engagement, making an incredible impact on the lives of their students.

Congratulations to the Cranberry Area School District!

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s February 2024 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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