What’s so great about the Annual Dinner

Everything! The Chamber’s Annual Dinner, like all of the other events each year, is preceded by months of planning. Long before the details fall together the location must be secured and the date confirmed. About three months prior to the dinner the call is put out for nominations for Citizen of the Year. A month or so later a special meeting is convened where the applications are reviewed and the choice is made as to who will be honored. Having witnessed this process several times now, I can attest that each year there are more than a few worthy nominations. Once this choice is made things begin to fly!

Now two days after the Dinner it is fun to think back on what a week ago had us jittery. Would we get everyone’s reservation entered correctly? Would each attendee be happy with their table companions? Would Dr. Pilewski arrive safely from Florida? Would all of our awards be perfectly inscribed? The list goes on…

Well, for those who were fortunate to have joined us, you know that in fact it all worked out perfectly. The details, like weather, food and seating offered little challenge if any.

Dr. Pilewski was at the top of his game. Everyone was delighted to meet his family. He accepted his award with complete grace and made us all laugh a bit. We honored our committed board members Frank Gill, Frank Pankratz and Joe Pastor. We honored Amanda Williams as our “Superstar” Volunteer of the Year. And we delighted in the opportunity to see so many of our faithful chamber members, who support as year after year.

And so it begins, the journey toward next year’s event.

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