Webco Makes Community Investment

The look of north Seneca Street has changed over the last year, thanks to a significant investment by Webco Industries.  While it can be difficult for community members to adjust to the changes, they represent a commitment to the community by a major employer.

According to Ryan Bell, Director of Operations, over the last four years Webco has been acquiring blighted properties that were connected to their Oil City facilities, buildings that had become a drain to the community. Webco was landlocked and space constraints left many of the plant’s operations congested. While Webco has no immediate plans for expansion, recent acquisitions of adjoining properties provide options going forward.

The most immediate opportunity that resulted from razing two of the buildings was to move storage of the plant’s coils closer to production facilities.  Along with greater efficiency came the reduction of dust that was previously created by equipment moving over a longer area.

“Webco is absolutely concerned about being good stewards to the community and, while a chain link fence would have done the job, we opted for a decorative fence that would better compliment the landscape of Oil City’s downtown,” Ryan said. “We make decisions that make sense as a company and impact the many employees we have in Oil City and the surrounding communities.”

Webco’s investment does not stop with property and buildings. Employees are encouraged to be involved it the community by participating in the Adopt A Block program, assisting in local school programs that encourage manufacturing, and participating in Leadership Venango.

The company’s founder, Bill Webber, described Webco as: “Where people make the difference.” His intention was always that they would be a forever type of company.

“As a forever company, it’s important to make an investment in our employees and the community,” Ryan said. “By investing in employee training, like Leadership Venango, what they learn is brought back to us, benefitting the company and the community. It allows employees to step out of our world, bring back different viewpoints, and understand other perspectives.”

Please join us in thanking Webco Industries for their continued commitment to our region.

This article was published in the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce’s July 2019 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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