Twittering Not for You?

It’s been no secret that I’ve been a great proponent of twittering.  But I have heard plenty of resistance in just about any gathering I’ve been in recently.  The responses are very predictable.  “I don’t have time”, “I don’t care what other people are doing”, “Why would anyone care what I’m doing?”  These are all understandable, but the same comments are usually followed by questions about exactly how twitter works and what people are twittering about.  Clearly there is interest.

So why do I twitter?

  • I don’t have time – often for traditional exchanges.  I still prefer any opportunity to meet face to face and always enjoy a lengthy phone conversation, but twitter allows me to carry on quick exchanges that I might otherwise miss. I also connect with friends, peers and members that I have not been successful in staying in touch with previously.  This works!
  • I DO care what other people are doing! I receive a steady stream of communication from others that have great information to share. It might be a member or community member sharing an opportunity or news.  Often it’s an “expert” who’s passing on valuable information. Occasionally it’s just fun.
  • It turns out that there are a few people out there that do care what I’m doing (or sharing). The truth is that it is often when we’re writing, talking, promoting our businesses it’s hard to tell if anyone cares. With twitter you’ll likely know.  The feedback can be immediate.  The ability to quickly adapt the way I present my message is easy. Oh, and my tweets are not always about what I’m doing.  They just may be about what you’re doing.

I’m sure this won’t we the last you’ll hear about my thoughts on twitter.  If you’re one of the skeptics, that’s O.K. We’ll welcome you when you’re ready.  We Do care what you’re doing!

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