Trailasana Yoga Studio Celebrates One Year

Running a business is never easy, and the first year of business for Bobbie Jones, owner of Trailasana Yoga Studio in Oil City, definitely brought challenges. The studio will be celebrating one year on January 6, and Bobbie reflected on the past year with us.

“I knew it was going to require time, energy and patience, but I was up for the challenge,” Bobbie said. “I have learned to balance my career at Webco with the demands of owning a business, which was an adjustment and taught me the importance of time management.”

Bobbie had the misconception that she would be spending most of her time teaching classes, but soon learned most of her time is spent behind the scenes in marketing, sales, education, finance, operations, and more.

“I spend countless hours outside the studio wearing many hats, and my first year has forced me to expand my skillset ” she said.

In just one year, Bobbie has expanded by obtaining four additional certifications personally, offering virtual classes and wellness groups (including classes for Clarion University), and adding a boutique and online store for items like apparel and skin care. The studio was also awarded a grant from the Get on the Trail Contest, which will allow them to offer paddleboard yoga and stand up paddleboard classes.

In addition, the studio added five new instructors. “Each instructor has their own unique style and niche. I am proud of their heart, passion, and agility throughout this year,” she said.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit less than three months after Trailasana opened and, although it was stressful and scary, Bobbie used it as an opportunity to expand on her skills and get creative, such as taking practices virtual and outside.

The studio had to close twice in 2020. “We chose to close as instructed by our Governor. Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming space. We are not holding true to our mission and core values if we chose to ignore mandates,” she said. “To that end, COVID -19 taught us agility and deeper compassion regardless of our opinions on anything. Mindset is everything.”

Bobbie is very excited for 2021, which will include paddle board yoga and a few new events. Join us in congratulating Trailasana Yoga Studio on one year of business! Learn more about the studio at

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s January 2021 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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