Toot Your Own Horn

As we prepare to publish yet another monthly newsletter I think of all the great news there is to share about business in our region.  I am painfully aware that it’s tougher than ever and many of us are struggling with trimmed down budgets, hiring freezes and first time ever layoffs, but new businesses continue to open, people begin new jobs and businesses meet the challenge of finding creative ways to deliver thier services better than ever.

While humility is to be commended, hearing your stories of success will be of great help in motivating others.  So I offer you two great opportunities to contribute to uplifting our area and others by “tooting your own horn”.

First,  contact the chamber with your good news (and feel free to share about others).  We love to participate in GOOD gossip.  We do our best to watch and listen but so appreciate your willingness to contact us.

Second, I’d like you to share experiences of great service in our region by twittering about it and including #VenangoWorks in your “tweet”. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, call or email me and I’ll get you started!)

Word on the street is that we continue to have prospective businesses visiting our region each week.  So let’s put on our best attitudes and stand proud and get ready for our guests!

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