Persistence & Timing to Get Noticed

How will you get in front of your next customer? Like most of you, our business (the chamber) gets calls and emails everyday from vendors who would like us to look at their products. Some days it can be a real irritation for us and I’m sure it is frustrating for those vendors who are confident that they have something we need to see.

So today I was considering a few of the companies that are currently in my radar and what strategies they have implemented that put them there.  I have received several emails from offering the opportunity to attend a free webinar about there membership software. Their persistence paid off. Today my staff and I took the time to join an excellent online presentation.

Coincidentally, a young lady called our office today to ask a few questions about what software we were using for our member management. Normally I might have not returned the message but today, perfect timing!  I was not only happy answer her question but curious to hear about ChamberAide.

Curt Moss of Weblink has found a great way to keep his company in the forefront by great use of social networking and positioning himself as an industry expert with great blog posts.

My last example for today is the concept of “giving it away”.

I am currently working on a project with Accrisoft, for the Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Professionals. The staff of Accrisoft are amazing at follow-up and exceptional teamwork.

CommunityLink has teamed up with ACCE to offer it’s members free marketing materials and not just any old designs but really good stuff.  This is a win for CommunityLink, ACCE and our chamber.

I may not be in the market for any of these services right now, but these companies have all found a way to get noticed. And, I’m happy to tell others about them.

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