OCHS Mixer – Into the Future!

OCASDThis evening members of the Venango Area Chamber had the opportunity to take a glimpse at just a few of the changes going on at the Oil City Area School District.  Anyone who gets close to the High School complex  will see the evidence of improvements in progress, which includes the nearly complete stage one of the new football field and track. Tennis Courts have been resurfaced, the new high school office is well underway and the addition of the second floor of the middle school has begun.

All of this is reason enough to be celebrated in the community but the real change is taking place inside the classrooms and extends , well, wherever the students go! Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, each student grades 9-12 were issued a laptop or notebook computer, as part of the new one to one initiative.

At this evenings mixer, teachers explained how they have changed the way they introduce curriculum. Science teacher Tim Spuck demonstrated the potential for creating “citizen scientists” and Spanish teacher Becky Leta shared her goal of creating a paperless learning environment. Scott O’Donnell, an English teacher, shared how creating an online school newsletter is providing students with a variety of learning experiences while merging academics and technology.

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Of course change does not come easy. Teachers continue to receive training to implement these new technologies and patience is demanded of all, as the dust settles on building renovations.  All of this is great news for the business community of  Venango County as our students prepare to become our future workforce.  Our thanks goes out to Principal Scott Stahl and other staff that assisted with the mixer.

Read more at the Venango County Daily News


  • Mark Heim 14 years ago Reply

    My lead story this morning; This school district is awesome!… If you don’t feel the spirit pulsing through the district, you don’t have a pulse!

  • Scott O'Donnell 14 years ago Reply

    Dear Susan and Chamber Members,

    Thanks so much for visiting us at OCHS last evening. We had a fantastic time at the mixer and it is always great getting a chance to talk to community members about the great things happening at OCASD.

    A special thanks for the blog post and link to the high school newspaper.

    We’re looking forward to working with the Chamber and its members in the future.

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