Let the Snow Fall

No school today! I don’t think anyone was surprised by the announcement this morning. We had sufficient notice that the snow was coming, allowing many people to prepare by stocking up in groceries or rescheduling meeting and appointments yesterday. How great is it that we can so easily communicate with one another so easily at times like this.  I recall just a few years ago that I would have to wait for the phone chain to inform me whether school would be delayed.  I might have to patiently wait for the “O”s to come up along the bottom of the TV.

Today I simply popped online, where the schools had posted the days status. Friends on Facebook were sometimes relaying the information even quicker.  Emails will alert me as to what meeting will actually be held and the ones resheduled. When I finally decide to get dressed and brave the elements there will be few surprises about what the day will hold (hopefully). Long before today is over we’ll be online planning for changes we anticipate will effect tomorrow’s schedule.

Are you planning for tomorrow, next week or next year, using to tools available?SnowDay2

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