First Night – The Best Deal Around!

First Night Oil CityOnce again Oil City is readying for First Night, it’s annual New Year’s eve celebration. Fresh off the Christmas holiday, you may be as challenged as I am to organize a special evening that is fun for everyone in the family.  Well, this was resolved for me years ago with the first “First Night” in Oil City. For the modest fee of $10 visitors will have an array of activities and entertainment to chose from, by simply displaying their button. Get yours at the Chamber or many other locations in the area.

We haven’t missed a year yet! From toddlers to teens, our children have joined us in making our way about town to catch all of the entertainment. We’ve learned a bit over the years.  We are strategic in planning our layers of clothing, make sure we have eaten before beginning the evening but not too much to enjoy the eateries about town and we found out that it’s unlikelythat we’ll see everything. But that doesn’t matter because the best part of First Night is seeing the town come to life.  We no longer get anxious if held up visiting with a friend.  We know we can comfortable join one of the concerts or activities midstream.

I want to give a great big shout out to all of the great sponsors and volunteers that will make this year’s celebration another to remember. Please buy your button to support the future of this fun, family festival

First Night Oil City Schedule

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