As part of a class project, the 2024 Venango Leadership Class updated our Job Shadow Guide, a resource for Students and Businesses. This fall, the Chamber will share it with all local schools to help students meet job shadow requirements. Visit to view the guide. To include your business, please complete the form on the website or contact the Chamber.

The Importance of Business Participation in Career Events for Schools

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, the need for a well-prepared and informed future workforce has never been more crucial. Through the VenangoREADY program (and its extension, ForestREADY), the Chamber works diligently to connect with students and educators. We also continue to use these relationships to help connect educators and employers.

Businesses have a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to this preparation by participating in career events in our local schools. Recent events such as THS Career Day, OCHS mock interviews, VTC student employment event, and the Career Fashion Show at Valley Grove Elementary (pictured) serve as just a few examples of excellent platforms for businesses to engage with young students, inspire future talent, and foster a connection between education and the professional world.

The involvement of businesses in career events at schools is a mutually beneficial endeavor. It not only helps shape the future workforce but also allows businesses to inspire, educate, and connect with young talent.

By taking the time to plan and participate in these events, companies can play a pivotal role in the career development of students while also enhancing their community presence.

Use these summer months to plan and strategize your involvement during the next school year, including developing engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and hands-on activities that can capture students’ interest and provide valuable insights into various careers. Ask the Chamber if you need ideas!

Venango Technology Center Celebrates Students Entering Workforce

On May 22, the Venango Technology Center held their 3rd annual Signing Day. Twelve students were offered letters of intent to continue working for the companies that provided their cooperative education training. The Chamber was excited to celebrate this great success with several members and VenangoREADY designees!

If your business would like to explore opportunities to connect with VTC, contact Bob Moore, Cooperative Education Coordinator, at or (814) 493-6552.

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This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s June 2024 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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