County Planning: Transportation and Infrastructure | Part 1 of 3

by Susan Williams, President/CEO

The mission of the Venango County Regional Planning Commission (VCRPC) is to support and advise all municipalities, other partners, and organizations to aid in growth, development, and land use in accordance with the comprehensive plan. Upon taking a closer look, we find that this department of the County oversees programs that reach across all Venango communities and benefit individuals and businesses, with a goal to plan for future success.

Executive Director Hilary Buchanan leads the department of six, providing direction and oversight. She and Erik Johnson, Deputy Director & Recycling Coordinator, specifically manage those programs associated with transportation funding for the County. Jason Dillion serves as the Recycling & Planning Assistant and as the home inspector for the County’s housing programs.

Hilary and her team additionally direct the review and updates for the County’s Comprehensive Plan, which is currently being drafted for the 2024 update.

The above-mentioned programs provide many services but also allow the County to secure millions of dollars in state and federal grants. At no cost, they assist municipalities with grant applications and offer fee-based grant administration.

In future newsletters we will share information about additional services offered through the commission. For more information about VCRPC, the array of services offered and past annual reports, visit VCRPC is located within the Venango County Courthouse at 1168 Liberty Street in Franklin. The office can be reached at 814-432-9689.

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s November 2023 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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