Chamber Rocks Twitter

I’m certain that at least a few of you are just tired of hearing about this twitter talk. It just can’t possibly be of much value; or can it? Anyone who was following @venangochamber today may have witnessed a quick burst of productivity that happened between Ashley and I. An unplanned collaboration on a Saturday afternoon, while I ate dinner no less!

At about the same time I read a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Curt Moss.  Curt was passing along a twitter tool, TweepML, in his post Creating your chamber’s community on Twitter. I decided to try it and set up the link that will make it simple for chamber members to follow other members.

The Venango Chamber now has more than 90 members that have created Twitter accounts.  Just imagine the benefit this offers if they all would actively use twitter!  If you’ve been reluctant until now to participate, please give it a try. Here, I’ll make it easy.  Just click on the button below to follow other chamber members now.

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  • Frank 14 years ago Reply

    Cool new tool. Thanks.


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