VenangoREADY Supporters

The VACC and our education and community partners are committed to the long-term success of VenangoREADY. Business supporters pledge to recognize individuals’ efforts to gain proficiency in the core attributes, and value the VenangoREADY designation.

Work Ethic ⚬ Tactfulness & Manners ⚬ Communication ⚬ Teamwork
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving ⚬ Understanding Supervision & World of Work

VenangoREADY Supporters:

UPMC Northwest

Communication is essential for the delivery of high-quality and safe patient care. At UPMC Northwest, we are committed to creating a culture that encourages our team members to voice their concerns without hesitation.
– Joyce Luton, Director of Patient and Community Relations

Hickman Lumber
Work Ethic
The success of Hickman Lumber over several decades has depended on the strong work ethic of our employees. Showing up on time each day is critical to our business meeting customer needs, keeping all employees safe, and ultimately creating a product that reflects the strong work ethic of the entire team.
– Jake Hickman, Hickman Lumber Manager

Webco Industries
Team Work

Team work is a core value of ours, and is certainly a very large component of the success we have known in our business. Every person brings a different perspective, thought process, and life/work experiences that allow them to see any situation uniquely through their eyes.
– Ryan Bell, Director of Operations