Bridge Builders Community Foundations

Soon after moving back to Venango County from Pittsburgh, Trenton Moulin was invited to a luau hosted by a young professionals group. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but showed up in a Hawaiian shirt and ended up building connections that he still has 10 years later.

“FLEX is a place to meet other people who are positive and care about the community–people who are looking out for their professional career, but also the region at large,” he said.

Trenton makes a conscious effort to surround himself with positive people each day–something he was able to do through FLEX involvement, as well as in his career. After working at the Venango Training and Development Center, and then the American Red Cross, Trenton eventually transitioned to Bridge Builders Community Foundations (BBCF), where he is still employed as executive director.

“FLEX was a networking opportunity and confidence builder for me,” he said. “It gave me the skills and experience to now run a nonprofit and make an impact in the community.”

BBCF, the community foundation serving Venango County and surrounding areas, has a vision to generate growth and progress in our communities by actively engaging individuals and organizations through transformative philanthropy. With scholarships, grants, the Week of Giving, community projects, and similar initiatives, Trenton spends each day making connections and helping create positive change.

“It’s all about relationships, which was exemplified by leadership during my involvement in FLEX and is reinforced throughout my career,” he said. “Whether it’s a young professionals group or community foundation, the goal is to inspire hope and create a culture within a community where we all can thrive.”

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