Young Professional Profiles

Matthew Yeager

Matthew is a Sr. Software Engineer at Ford Motor Company. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia which is where he obtained his B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia State University.

A recent achievement of Matthew’s is that he learned how to roast coffee beans. “It was a lot of fun plus you get to drink inappropriate amounts of coffee in the name of education,” he said. His future goals include continued work on a location based platform to be released for testing initially in the Venango Area. He would like to build a company around it someday.

In his free time, he enjoys making music and coffee. He said that making expressos and lattes are his favorite.

Iron Furnace in Franklin is one of his favorite local businesses to visit along with Bella Cucina, specifically for their “epic cheesecake.” He really enjoys Franklin as it is a “nice quiet town and there are plenty of events to choose from.”

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