Young Professional Profiles

Adam Strickland

Adam is the Owner and Operator of Strickland Honey Farms LLC. He received his B.S. in Biology from Penn State University and went on to get training in the “Instrumental Insemination of queen honey bees from the USDA Northeast SARE funded E.P.I.Q. Program. (Instrumental Insemination allows bee breeders to control the mating process of honey bees for research and breeding purposes. These breeding programs often result in honey bees that are more productive, healthier, and better suited to modern beekeeping.)”

In college, Adam was the VP of the Penn State Beekeeping Club. He is now an executive board member of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association as well as the Northwest Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association.

In the future, Adam plans to “conduct a lot of apicultural research funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others, and I hope my business keeps growing. I also hope that Oil City continues to grow, and that even more young professionals choose to stick around here.”

Some of his hobbies, aside from beekeeping, include reading, hiking, bicycling, and fishing. “I like to enjoy the outdoors, arguably our region’s greatest asset,” Adam said. “I really enjoy the people of our area, and have formed relationships with many whom I would not have if not for beekeeping. I have stopped at farmers homes to ask if I can put hundreds of thousands of insects (honey bees colonies) on their land, and have yet to receive a “no”. If that’s not a testimony to the open-mindedness and generosity of people in our area, I don’t know what is!”

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