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Klapec Trucking Co.
Understanding Supervision & World of Work
Klapec Trucking holds our drivers to a high standard, to cooperate with both dispatchers and customers, to be where they need to be when they need to be there, and care for the customer’s material as if it is their own. 
Klapec Trucking Co. has been successful for so many years because when we say we will have a truck there, there will be a truck there.
– Greg Lander, Vice President

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Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Work Ethic
Being a team member at Central Electric requires a dedicated work ethic. Working long hours in the worst kind of weather in difficult situations is not uncommon. Our customers rely on us to keep the power on, and we gain a great sense of pride for a job well done.
– Mitzi Evankovich, Project & Training Manager

Hagan Business Machines
Tactfulness & Manners

As a leader in your field, next time you are tempted to let someone “have it,” or to give them a “piece of your mind,” or to excuse your negativity because you are having a bad day, why not put on your best smile, choose to be pleasant, positive, and as tactful and mannerly as you can possibly be? Even if they don’t “deserve” it, why not choose to take the high road? You’ll feel better, and guess what? Your efforts just might build a beautiful bridge to a client or a customer, instead of burning it down!
– David Snedden, Branch Manager


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