ZingTrain Tip: Change Management

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re implementing a new process, changing the role of an employee, or completely shifting the focus of your business, having a plan for how you manage change can make a huge difference.

Zingerman’s has a “recipe” for change management and the steps are as follows:

1. Create a clean and compelling purpose for change: Most people don’t like change, so we must be clear on why change is important. Start by simply telling them why it’s worth changing.

2. Create a positive vision of the future and develop leadership agreement on that vision: The vision is a picture of how things will look after the change has been successfully implemented. It needs to be inspiring, strategically sound, written, agreed upon by everyone.

3. Plan the change rollout event: “Like a new product, an effective introduction needs a planned rollout,” Zingerman’s says. This is usually a meeting formally introducing the change and it should build enthusiasm and support and create agreement on the first few steps of the action plan. It can be a short presentation, written piece, all-day staff session, or whatever works best for you.

4. Generate organizational support: During the rollout, have all involved create a list of action steps, then come together. This should be done in a fun way and leave you all with positive energy.

5. Implement the change: Execute the steps you created and attach names and completion dates.

Learn more about Zingerman’s approach to “Bottom line Change®” at: article/a-recipe-for-change-management

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s April 2021 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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