Why You Should Talk to Strangers

As children, we are often taught that we should never talk to strangers. Well, there just might be some value in those missed connections. This month’s recommended TED Talk is from Kio Stark. Stark is an author and self-proclaimed stranger enthusiast; she says she is “obsessed with talking to strangers” and it has provided her many great experiences.

Stark says, “these quick interactions can lead to a feeling that sociologists call ‘fleeting intimacy.’ So, it’s a brief experience that has emotional resonance and meaning.” These interactions can change the course of someone’s day, and they usually leave both parties feeling better. We talk a lot about making connections and helping people feel connected in our community, and talking to strangers is a great way to make those little connections.

Stark says we should try to be less suspicious of each other, and gives some easy-to-implement tips for your own conversations with strangers. View the full talk here:

This article was published in the Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs Exchange’s (FLEX) October 2019 edition of the FLEX Your Ideas (FYI) Newsletter.

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