Leadership Venango Focuses on Community Caregiving

Understanding caregiving in our community was the focus of Leadership Venango in December. The class met virtually and was joined by Kathleen Ellwood and Joe Croskey, favorites of past classes, who led them in a discussion of diversity, privilege, and embracing difficult conversations. Joe and Kathleen encouraged the class to embrace the importance of seeing others’ perspectives and realizing that everyone views their reality from a unique perspective.

In the afternoon, Kimberly Robertson from Poverty Solutions, Inc. led the group through an activity that allowed them to see the struggles of poverty in a tangible way. She spoke about the hidden rules of class and economic status and helped the class understand things from the perspective of those in under-resourced situations. The class examined their own privilege and shared their personal experiences.

This session is about allowing the class to be vulnerable and explore the viewpoint of those around them. Leadership Venango has moved to virtual classes and will meet in January to discuss Honorable Leadership.

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s January 2021 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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