Connecting Education & Business–Mock Interviews, Shadow Guide & Posters

School is back in session and the Chamber’s Education Committee is in full swing, with a mission to assist local educators in providing career related activities that are efficient, affordable, and, most importantly, impactful to students.

Mock Interviews

Several of the region’s schools have already set dates for mock interviews, career fairs, and business presentations—opportunities for representatives from the business community to interact with students in learning about careers that exist locally.

At mock interview days, schools invite local businesses in to meet with seniors. Students are responsible for creating a cover letter, job application, resume, and references, to email volunteer interviewers ahead of time for grading. The students will have a 20 minute interview with the volunteer, also to be graded. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, contact representatives listed below:

Valley Grove Search & Work Day: October 24, 11:30 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Jess Vogan
Transition Coordinator & Learning Support Teacher
814-437-3759 ext.1210

Cranberry High School Mock Interviews: November 7 & 8

Heather Motter
Language Arts Department Coordinator & Senior English Teacher

Titusville High School Career Day: November 14, 7:45 to 11 a.m. *There will be a complimentary luncheon for all volunteers at 11:00 am.

Tammy McHenry
School Counselor
814-827-2715 ext.1430

Shadow Guide

With the challenge of finding the right employees, it is imperative that future graduates know about jobs available locally and the skills needed to fill these jobs. To that end, local schools encourage students to complete work shadow experiences during their high school years, in some cases requiring up to 8 hours total.

The Leadership Venango Class of 2019 has published a Job Shadow Guide, available to all local students in digital format. If you are willing to consider inviting students into your business, please provide the Chamber with your contact information and brief business information. Find the guide and submit your business information at

Business Posters

Preparing for an upcoming high school open house, senior English teacher, Heather Motter, contacted us requesting posters representing local jobs, for display in school halls. Be Here Program Manager Ashley Sheffer designed posters for seven local businesses, featuring a job in which they are hiring, benefits, and requirements.

The display received positive reviews from teachers and parents, and we are excited to offer all local businesses the opportunity to be included in a poster. We plan to make this collection available for any school to download, print, and display.

To see the posters we have created and to submit information for your business to be featured in a poster, visit

To get involved with our Education Committee, contact the Chamber at (814) 676-8521 or

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