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When Dr. Kate Eckert completed her degree, she knew she wanted her own practice. While opening in a traditional office setting, Kate’s priority was on being able to make decisions for the direction of her business, so she could set and have responsibility for goals.

Eckert Chiropractic opened 10 years ago and has expanded its staff and offerings, which initially focused on muscle work, using the “active release method.”

Just as Dr. Kate valued the opportunity to set her own path, she realized after practicing for just a few years that she wanted to help her patients have more control of their health, healing, and the cost associated with treatment.

Many of her patients deal with chronic pain, typically requiring repeat visits. This can be burdensome in scheduling but also was becoming increasingly challenging to process insurance claims. Processing was time consuming for Kate’s office and co-pays were increasing for patients.

Once Dr. Kate decided to provide follow-up exercises and instruction for after-office visits, she brought Mikayla Markle on staff to teach patients how to properly exercise.  She could see that this was helping people heal quicker and for longer periods.

As she was seeing many patients with chronic pain who needed regular care, she also turning attention to pre and post-natal treatment, sometimes not covered by insurance.

The COVID-19 Pandemic propelled Dr. Kate into creating videos, to provide patients with exercises to do on their own. This allowed her to be with her patients, as she instructs them in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Form, Function & Flow Lab is her new company that she developed to provide online learning.  The initial course released was a low back course that Dr. Kate has developed,  that is delivered via an app and available for a low, one-time fee. “Core to Floor Restoration” is the next series, planned to be released in late August.

This subscription-based program focuses on the issues resulting during and after pregnancy,  both immediately and years to decades following.

The Form, Function and Flow Lab podcast launched the end of June 2021, and is available through Apple podcast, Spotify, or Dr. Kate’s YouTube channel.

All these new offerings afford Kate’s patients more access to her knowledge and council, while allowing her a more flexible office schedule. While her total office hours have not been reduced, in-office visits are available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Kate’s mission, “movement is life,” speaks to her commitment to help every patient navigate life, staying active and healthy. She had not expected to offer the virtual treatment option so soon, but is glad she did and remains dedicated to continuing to explore all means to help patients take control of their wellness.

Find Form Function & Flow Lab at or learn about the Eckert Chiropractic Office and schedule an appointment at

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s August 2021 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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