Chamber Honors Citizen of the Year – Dr. David Wagner

The Venango Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Dr. David Wagner as the 2021 Citizen of the Year. Dr. Wagner graduated from North Clarion High School and attended Gannon University and Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) where he graduated from an accelerated seven-year program receiving a Doctor of Optometry degree in 2000. Immediately after graduation, he began working as a partner to Dr. Tracy C. Sepich, and later in 2003 became the owner of the practice.

In his nomination, David is noted for his active civic leadership roles, volunteerism, and service across the world. As a role model and mentor, he has influenced others, helping them grow professionally and civically. He is engaged in numerous organizations, including the Oil City Rotary, Youth Connection, Second Presbyterian Church, and the Venango County Association for the Blind. He is currently serving on the Rotary, Northwest Savings Bank, and Venango County Association for the Blind boards and still finds time to work with other groups on their fundraisers and projects.

Dr. Wagner uses his role as President for the Youth Connections advisory committee to make known the obstacles youth in the community face and work to address them. He uses his association with his profession along with the Through God’s Eyes and ZUMC to provide eye care to people in need throughout the world.

Dr. Wagner has been very active in mission trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, participating in medical and vision clinics. He helped diagnose and treat eye diseases, give eye exams, fit people with glasses, and provide education on improving overall health and eye care. Today he continues to advocate for outreach in service in these areas.

Dr. Wagner specializes in Pediatrics, Low Vision, and Medical Eye Care (including Glaucoma, Dry Eye, and Macular Degeneration) and has special interests in Dry Eye, Macular Degeneration, as well as the Vision/Learning connection. Maximizing the learning ability of children is very important to Dr. Wagner due to the drastic change that improved focus and eye teaming skills can make in one’s life. Another passion of his is working to prevent ocular diseases by working with diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplements.

Dr. Wagner is a leader in his profession, serving as a role model to his colleagues and as an inspiration to students exploring the career. He helps people feel heard and acknowledged and empowers them to be an active part of the community.

“Great citizens move forward in life to become great leaders; great leaders inspire others to be great versions of themselves. Dr. Wagner is humble, caring, and willing to serve others. His ‘let’s get it done’ attitude transcends to everything in his life,” a colleague said in one of Dr. Wagner’s nomination letters. Dr. Wagner’s faithfulness in his service has been thoroughly recognized in our area, and we are pleased to have him represent our community as Citizen of the Year.

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s January 2022 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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