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Chamber Cafe Website Launch

Chamber CafeWelcome to the new home of!  Chamber staff celebrated this evening by staging a Chamber Cafe at the Arlington.  The cozy coffee shop atmosphere was created thanks the help of many chamber members.  At approximately 5:30 those in attendance got their first look at the new site.  Executive Director Susan Williams pointed out many of the new sites features but explained that there were far to many to see in a few minutes.  Laptop computers were scattered throughout the room, making it easy for everyone to search the new site, while connected wirelessly.  Please take some time to explore and be sure to note following new feature.

  • Dynamic searchable membership directory
  • Community calendar (easily submit your events)
  • Videos about Venango
  • Member Login (Contact the Chamber for instructions)
  • The Chamber Blog (currently in the connect menu)
  • RSS and Twitter Feeds
  • Click on any picture to enlarge
  • Text sizing for easy viewing

Be sure to let us know what you think!

Venango Chamber Launches New Website.

Welcome to the new website of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce.   The site has literally been years in the making as staff and chamber members have planned and evaluated how to best meet the needs of chamber members, our community and those who have yet to discover the Venango area.

The Chamber completed a multi-media CD-Rom in 2008, anticipating that the videos would eventually be available for viewing on a new chamber site.  Upon completion of that project, plans were immediately begun for the development of a new website.

The new site includes a searchable membership directory, calendar that allows submission of community events and many other new features.  The site allows for easy updating by chamber staff and includes a number of social media tools.

We’d love to hear what you think and welcome suggestions.  If you have a website, please consider linking to us from your site.

Every Newsletter a New Connection

It’s that time again, as we scurry to publish the monthly “Business Connector”. We breathe a sigh of relief each month as the last words are finalized and the newsletter is delivered to the printer, but then it begins again.

This month, as most, I met with newer chamber members to learn more about their businesses so that I can share their story with you. I continue to be in awe of the work done by our small business owners, working so had to serve others. This month is no different, as I write about a restaurant, a mobile welder and a retail paint store, all with a passion and pride for the work they do.

I hope you’ll take the time to relax for a few minutes and read the newsletter when it arrives, and if you’ve neglected the opportunity to read the last few, sit a little longer and explore them as well. I think you’ll be surprised at the business connections waiting for you.

Venango Works!

The Venango Works! Trade Show is an annual event the Chamber sponsors to fulfill the Chamber’s mission of “building, serving, and promoting business growth for our members and Venango Area business”.

The 2009 Trade Show will return to the Cranberry Mall and will be held on Friday, April 24th from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

Why are trade shows valuable?

  • Trade shows are face-to-face, which gives us a better idea of what the other person/business is about
  • Trade shows are the most effective way to market a small business. This is one place where small business can compete on a level playing field with larger firms.
  • Lead generation.
  • You have the opportunity to discover and share new products/services.
  • Network. The larger your network, the greater the benefits you can gain.

The Venango Works Trade Show is open to Chamber members and non members. Download Information and Registration Form or Contact the Chamber for more details at 814-676-8521.

So, join us at the show. Exhibit. Experience. Network.