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Networking in Any Weather

Can we all say snow? It is another blustery day in Venango County and the kids get an extra 2 hours in bed, but nothing stops a dedicated networker! I’ve just returned from a networking breakfast that I wouldn’t have considered missing. I have learned from the other similar days in recent months that there will always be a faithful bunch that will attend regardless of the elements, even on Christmas and New Year Eves.

Often the cry of small businesses is “I’m just too busy” as an excuse for not attending networking functions or taking the time to be proactive in meeting customers face to face. I’m more convinced than ever that relationships are key to longevity in business and the opportunities for networking on your own terms abound. While the meeting I attended this morning is for those who are most dedicated building a loyal network, requiring a significant commitment of time, the Chamber offers many options that require only a small investment time. And if time truly is just too short to attend scheduled events, we can help you fit your networking into the perfect hours for you.

As we continue to explore the world of social media, you’ll see that there is no hour of the day, nor location that is not an option for connecting with others. Those who are tech savy know what I mean. For those who are not, it is easier that ever to learn and almost everything available online can be translated back to pen and paper if that is your tool of choice, so…don;t let a little snow keep you down. Make a great connection today!

Every Newsletter a New Connection

It’s that time again, as we scurry to publish the monthly “Business Connector”. We breathe a sigh of relief each month as the last words are finalized and the newsletter is delivered to the printer, but then it begins again.

This month, as most, I met with newer chamber members to learn more about their businesses so that I can share their story with you. I continue to be in awe of the work done by our small business owners, working so had to serve others. This month is no different, as I write about a restaurant, a mobile welder and a retail paint store, all with a passion and pride for the work they do.

I hope you’ll take the time to relax for a few minutes and read the newsletter when it arrives, and if you’ve neglected the opportunity to read the last few, sit a little longer and explore them as well. I think you’ll be surprised at the business connections waiting for you.

Trade Show Success

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with several of our board members at the Health, High Tech and Industry Trade Show. Patrick was there for Williams Insurance all weekend! While there were not many businesses set up nor thousands of visitors to the Show, it was an excellent opportunity to get face to face with many chamber and community members. This was also a great way to test the waters for what we’ll be inviting member businesses to do in April when the Venango Works Trade show is held.

We (Patrick and I) learned first hand that if you are up on your feet and available, people will stop and find out what you’re up to. A little conversation often lead to the chance to talk about our members and match customers to businesses that could take care of them. At one point we laughed at the number of visitors that had collected around our tables to visit. It looked like the start of a chamber mixer. So, at the end of the day my legs ached but there was great satisfaction in knowing business is alive and well in Venango County!

Chamber Month

Ashley just called to my attention that it has been a very long since I’ve blogged so I’m going to try to do better. We certainly have been busy here at the Chamber, but I want you to know that every day we are working hard to explore how to better serve our members, exploring new benefits and programs, while reviewing those already in place. One of the areas I’ve spent alot of time researching and discussing with others ways to encourage local spending. What seems like a simple thing is not. We are all challenged by how to most effectively support local business while meeting our personal needs of convenience and cost. Businesses face additional issues that may restrict thier ability to use local vendors. What we know here at the Chamber is that often local businesses are easily overlooked when they do have so much to offer. Sorry, but I have to go! Chamber mixer tonight at Tomorrow’s Dentistry Today. Hope to see you there!

Coalition Members Speak Out Against I-80 Tolling

Follow the link above to learn more about the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce efforts to Keep I-80 Toll-Free.

The Chamber is still accepting contributions to fund our legislative activities including keeping I-80 Toll-Free. The Chamber is committed to supporting a business friendly climate in Pennsylvania and opposing any legislation that would be counter productive to business. We will continue to be an active member of the Chambers & Partners Against the Tolling of I-80 and we will seek to extend financial support to the best of our ability.