CATA Announces Changes to Fixed Route Bus Service

Changes to the fixed route bus service went into effect on September 16. “We’ve been looking at improving the routes for some time,” said Tim Geibel, CATA General Manager. “We do a lot of research and gather input from all the stakeholders including drivers, riders, agencies, and businesses to make the best decisions before changes are implemented.” While most changes are on the Intercity route, there are a few that affect the Franklin and Oil City service as well.

One of the changes on the Intercity route is that rather than going one direction all morning and then going the other direction in the afternoon, the bus will reverse direction on each run. The first run will go from Franklin to Oil City to Seneca to Franklin; the second run will go from Franklin to Seneca to Oil City to Franklin; and so forth.

Because of a shorter length of a run, the time the bus will be at each location has also changed.

New bus schedules for all routes can be found on the buses, Chambers of Commerce, County Transportation office, and the Pointe, as well as

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s October 2019 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.


  • Daniel L PADEN 10 months ago Reply

    When are you going to start an evening run so people working evenings and night shift can get to and from work. And so even people on daylights can get transportation both ways instead of one way only.
    People are tired of only being able to get to work but not home, or get home but not to work.
    Don’t feed me there isn’t enought call for that service. Just ask the people who keep getting stopped by police for walking to work.
    Even just one bus running between the three towns at night would do, and thrre is enough customers to do it.

    • Ashley Cowles 10 months ago Reply

      Hi Daniel,

      To reach CATA with your concerns, you can call (814) 336-5600 or email Your comment is on the website for the Venango Chamber, and they may not see it.

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