Business Tip of the Month: Productivity

By Morgan Pifer, Chamber Intern

Are you finding it difficult to tune into work and are wanting to increase your productivity? Small adjustments in your daily life can lead to lasting changes in productivity, but it takes discipline and practice. To begin, productivity begins with you! Are you looking to remove distractions? Are you looking to increase “fun” in your work environment?

Sit down for 3-5 minutes and write what you want to change in your productivity, this is important to success! When you understand your needs, you’re more inclined to respond to them.

Boosting productivity is simple with these tips:
• Ask for help: Sometimes the simplest thing you need is help! Ask a question or for assistance, if you find yourself unsure, the task will be completed a lot sooner with the guidance of a team member.
• Identify the time you are most productive: Every individual has a time where they are most productive, what is yours? When you understand the time you work most efficiently, you can schedule your day in a more productive manner.
• Declutter your environment: Working in an environment that is cluttered leaves your mind in a disarray. It also causes you to delay tasks due to searching for missing items. Begin your day with a quick declutter and organization.
• Get your most dreaded task out of the way: Begin with a task that is not your favorite, your day and productivity will increase when you are able to focus more concisely on other variables.
• Schedule social media: When you schedule your social media posts you are able to increase productivity elsewhere. Set time aside to get your posts prepared and scheduled out, that way other tasks can be completed without the stress of having to post.
• Get organized: Using a calendar or planner is a highly effective tool. It offers daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins while allowing you to keep all events and information concisely together.

The Chamber uses various tools such as Panda Journal, Google docs, and Google Calendar to assist their productivity. Start with some small steps today to lead to great productivity in your business.

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s August 2022 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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