Business Tip of the Month: Consistency

Now is the time to review systems at your business and consider if there is an opportunity to adjust. One area we recommend you look at closely is consistency. Being consistent increases efficiency and creates accountability, and also builds trust and establishes awareness and familiarity with customers. Here are ways you can be consistent:

• Hours: A simple way to start is with your hours of operation. Choose your hours and stick to them. Emergencies happen, but do your best to stay loyal to your hours, and try to advertise EVERYWHERE if you need to change them. Put a sign on your door, send an email, and adjust them on social media. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than coming to your business only to get greeted by a locked door.

• Online Marketing: Try to find a schedule that works for your social media posts and emails. It can be as much as once a day, or just twice a week, but analyze what works and be consistent. If you like the idea of something like a #TipTuesday post, schedule them ahead. If you always share new products on a certain day, try not to skip any. Your customers will become familiar and look forward to your posts. This will also keep you accountable and help you post regularly.

• Products & Services: One of the fun parts of running a business is trying different things. Once you find what works, though, try to keep it available. If someone purchases a product or service they love, chances are they will continue coming back to get it.

• Employees: Whether it’s when you hold meetings, publish the weekly schedule, or do tasks, practicing consistency with your team is important, too. They will know what to expect and also learn to practice consistency themselves.

These are just a few ways to be more consistent in your business. It’s important for relationships with your customers and staff, but also can help you stay organized and accountable. How will you be more consistent?

This article was published in the Venango Chamber’s January 2022 VenangoWorks! Newsletter.

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