An Update From Chamber President – Susan Williams

Chamber staff meeting over Zoom.

While it seems quiet at the Chamber office, there is no shortage of work to do in supporting our members and our community. I have spent most of the last two days talking with members and my staff; exploring how we stay informed, apply that information in a reasonable and productive way, and then plan our future days and weeks. This seems almost impossible as things keep changing.

We’d love to hear from you about how you are managing and planning. We’ll be sharing what’s working for us and those we talk to. 

It seems like the one thing we are all feeling is sort of stuck.  What should we do next? A good place to start might be by starting a list, of the things that you would or should be doing if nothing had changed. Now, look at that list and consider if you actually could be doing some of those things, just in a different (even better) way. What or who would you need to make that happen? Of the things that are left, will you be able to do them in the future and if so, how will you prioritize them?

Next… list things that you’ve always meant to do but couldn’t get to. You may want a list for both personal and professional tasks. Some of these may be perfect to delegate to your staff – especially if they involve research, learning, or content creation. In case you can’t imagine what these would be, I’ll share my list:

  • Deep dive into your finances
  • Review HR policies
  • Create or update succession and/or emergency plans
  • Create or update procedure manuals
  • Write – write – write! Blogs, stories, etc.
  • Learn – anything you can imagine is available online

I’ll keep this page updated as we learn more.
Thank you – Susan

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